About Us

Dawn started sewing Barbie clothes many years ago when someone asked her if she made clothes for American Girl Dolls. In 1999 her daughter got an American Girl Doll and that was when she started making the clothes. After several years of attending craft shows, on Apr. 1, 2003 Dawn and her mother, Adrene, opened their store in Calumet, MI. Friends she met at the shows to allowed her to sell their items on consignment and that filled her shop with many unique handmade crafts. Soon she had almost 100 artists that brought their wares to her store. In 2012, Dawn and Adrene decided to close the physical store front and started to sell completely online and go back to craft shows.

Dawn loves designing pretty and cute things. Seeing little girls excited about picking out an item is very gratifying and hopes you enjoy her designs.